Posted in Buying, by Gabriel Lee, on Dec 27, 2020

Is it important to buy a home with wow factor?

Most people will be looking at buying their dream home some point in time. Some will be buying it for own stay while some may be buying it for investment purpose. Whatever the reason it may be, it is still a major decision and definitely it will be important to buy one with a wow factor depending on your budget.

So, why is it important to buy a home with a wow factor?

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How do we go about finding the right buy? Is it better to buy a condo? Read on more below to see how to spot one.

How to spot a best selling condo?

There are many condos in the market, new or resale. Based on your budget, you may consider the 20 resale condos with the wow factor for your consideration.

20 resale condos to watch

Hope the above find helps in your dream home search. 

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